Veterinary X-ray machines

Veterinarians need a dependable X-ray machine on-site to not only check for broken bones but also intestinal blockages, possible tumors, bladder stones, and more.

The DEL Medical / UNIVERSAL Veterinary Systems X-ray machine is perfect for practices where space is at a premium. The compact design of this X-ray machine makes it easy to fit into tight spaces. At the same time, its extra-strong construction means this X-ray machine can accommodate animals up to 400 pounds. The hands-free operation makes procedures safer and easier, and the silent operation keeps animals calm while undergoing X-rays.

The Americomp Veterinary System X-ray machine shortens exposure time, decreasing the number of wasted images due to patient movement. These images are just as clear and detailed as those with longer exposures. Display monitors are also sealed in a protective cover to minimize damage from patients.

Both tables include a urine catch, should the animal you are X-ray image of have an accident during the procedure.

Veterinary X-Ray Machines

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