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VIVIX-S S Series


The VIVIX-S S Series is a flat panel digital radiography cassette system for general radiographic applications using its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector. With the same size as a film or a CR cassette, it is an excellent solution for upgrading conventional X-ray system. Its user friendly imaging software provides consistent image quality at a dramatically reduced dose and faster image information with optimized algorithm for each different study. It only takes a few simple steps to acquire and transmit images to the DICOM server through Gigabit Ethernet.

  • Available in Gadolinium and Cesium
  • High spatial resolution with 140um pixel array
  • Stable and reliable automatic exposure detection (AnytimeTM)
  • Viewer software running on Windows™ OS (VXvueTM)
  • Communication interface through Gigabit Ethernet (1000 BASE-T)
  • Simple and easy integration with all kinds of digital radiography system
VIVIX-S Detectors: VIVIX-S 1417S VIVIX-S 1717S
Detector size: 14 x 17″ (35 x 43 cm) 17 x 17″ (43 x 43 cm)
Scintillator: CsI / GoS CsI / GoS
Connection type: Wired Wired
Pixel matrix: 2560 x 3072 3072 x 3072
Pixel pitch: 140 μm 140 μm
Dimensions: 15″ x 18″ x 0.6″ 18″ x 18″ x 0.6″
Weight: 7 lbs. / 6.8 lbs. 9.9 lbs.
Bit depth (A/D): 14 bit A/D 14 bit A/D
Image display: 1.2 sec. 1 sec.
Cycle time: 15 sec. 15 sec.
Limiting Resolution: 3.5 lp/mm 3.5 lp/mm
Battery: N/A N/A
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