X-ray machines

X-ray machines are an invaluable tool today in many types of practices, including general medical, chiropractic and veterinary. Having your own X-ray machine onsite at your practice, clinic or other facility makes taking care of patients infinitely easier than sending them to a separate location and waiting — sometimes days — for the images to be taken and come back to you.

Not only does having your own X-ray machine save you time, but it also allows you to earn more income by performing this critically important service onsite. Your patients get better service, faster.

We also sell mobile X-ray machines when moving a patient is difficult or even impossible, but you still need to get the job done quickly. Rest assured no quality is compromised when you use these convenient, high-tech machines.

Count on Spectrum Medical Imaging Co. for all your X-ray machine needs, including replacement parts and upgrade features.

X-Ray Machines

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