Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Portable X-Ray Machine

May 11, 2021

Portable x-ray machine

For medical and veterinary practices, adding a portable x-ray machine can provide a variety of significant advantages.

Mobile imaging systems are ideal for both diagnostic and monitoring purposes, allowing you to greatly improve your practice’s ability to deliver exceptional care without the time, cost and logistical challenges that a fixed imaging system can present.

Spectrum Medical Imaging, Inc., the premier provider of x-ray and imaging equipment, is committed to serving all of your radiological needs. Here are the top reasons to contact us today about purchasing a portable x-ray machine.

No. 1: No Infrastructure Costs

Fixed x-ray machines require extensive remodeling, retrofitting or construction before you can take the equipment online. You need a dedicated space for fixed equipment and, potentially, lead shielding in the walls and electrical system modifications or upgrades.

With a mobile x-ray system, you won’t need anything but a convenient corner to store it when not in use.

No. 2: Maximum Care Flexibility

With a fixed system, you must take patients to the equipment to do x-rays. With a portable system, you can bring the imaging system to the patient. This provides multiple logistical advantages, particularly considering the advanced cleaning and sanitation imperatives the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about.

Both your patients and your staff will appreciate how much this flexibility improves their experience.

No. 3: Reduced Image Processing & Wait Times

Portable imaging systems help improve processing speed. This provides increased continuity of care for both patients and treatment providers. Patients can receive results without seemingly interminable wait times and providers can initiate treatment plans at the earliest possible time.

No. 4: Improved Patient Comfort

If you regularly work with challenging patients or difficult anatomical views, a portable imaging system can provide a significant advantage. Rather than placing the patient into a difficult or painful position, mobile x-ray machines allow you the technician to maneuver around the patient’s needs.

No. 5: Alternative Location Options

Using a portable x-ray machine, you open up your options for providing in-home and mobile diagnostics and treatment. Today’s state-of-the-art portable imaging systems are lightweight and compact enough that virtually anyone can load and unload the equipment whenever and wherever it’s needed.

In today’s consumer-driven economy, improving the patient experience can be key to increasing your market share. Likewise, reducing time and hassle for your imaging staff can improve job satisfaction and decrease turnover.

No. 6: Fits in a Small Space

Portable x-ray systems require very little space, allowing you to operate or store them virtually anywhere. This also gives you the option of loading into your trunk and taking the equipment wherever you need to provide services.

No. 7: No Special Electrical Service Needs

Portable imaging equipment requires only a 110V outlet for operation, which is voltage of standard American electrical outlets. This means you won’t have to install or try to find a higher voltage outlet to operate the equipment.

Investing in a portable imaging system can, even in the short-term, help you grow your practice and improve the bottom line. Mobile x-ray units are used in hospitals, clinics, convalescent homes, extended care nursing homes, veterinary offices, coroner’s office and a variety of other locations where imaging is necessary.

For almost four decades, Spectrum Medical Imaging has been the go-to expert for imaging equipment, contrast media, medical supplies and accessories. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote for a portable x-ray machine.