Carestream digital radiography equipment

Doctors and technicians know that digital X-rays are far superior to standard X-rays, but sometimes the decision comes down to cost. If you have already invested in an X-ray machine that still has years of useful life left in it, you may feel like you cannot justify the cost of replacing it with an updated digital X-ray machine.

The answer is a Carestream DRX core X-ray detector. This valuable piece of equipment quickly and easily converts your existing X-ray machine into a digital X-ray machine. You will notice the difference in image quality as well as the speed of your functions. The faster you can complete an X-ray, the more patients you can see in a day, and the more you can maximize monetary gains at your facility. Patients are happy too because they also want to minimize their time on the X-ray table.

Plus, this converter is also easy to use, so there is no learning curve for your technicians.

Carestream Digital Radiography Detectors

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