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We stock both the Genoray Oscar 15 and the Genoray ZEN-7000 c-arm machines for fluoroscopic and radiologic procedures. The 7000-series c-arm machine is available with 9-inch and 12-inch image intensifiers to accommodate all applications and uses. This proven c-arm machine has been a favorite of doctors and hospitals for 20 years, and the most recent up-to-date model is in demand for all types of cardiac, orthopedic, urologic, and neurological procedures.

The Oscar 15 c-arm machine, lightweight and compact yet still so powerful, came on the market in 2018. Its 43-inch monitor allows for clear, detailed displays with amazing contrast and color. It requires only a low dose of radiation, protecting patients even during extended procedures. This c-arm machine is capable of enhancing images by sharpening edges and correcting for inadvertent movements. Its superior cooling technology protects against overheating and extends the life of the machine.

Genoray C-Arm Imaging Equipment

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