GE OEC C-arm

Get the X-ray equipment you want and save money at the same time with our refurbished GE OEC C-arm machine. You can trust our refurbished equipment, upgraded with all the newest components.

Whether you are using your c-arm machine for surgery, orthopedic treatment, or emergencies, the clear, precise fluoroscopic images presented in real-time will allow you to immediately make the corrections and adjustments necessary for a successful procedure.

The c-arm machine offers so much more flexibility than stationary equipment, allowing horizontal, vertical, and swivel movement. It allows for doctors to easily check the positioning of implants, for cardiac and angiographic studies, and for vascular, urologic, and neurological procedures.

This model has a 9-inch image intensifier, suitable for general surgery, urologic, and orthopedic procedures.

GE Healthcare C-Arm Imaging Equipment

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