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X-Rite Dual-Color Sensitometer

Sensitometers and densitometers work in tandem. Sensitometers imprint a standard set of exposures on a photographic or x-ray film sample. When the film sample is developed, a densitometer is used to read the optical density of the exposures and chart a profile against a known set of standards. This profile alerts you to fluctuations in processing conditions and allows you to take corrective action. The Dual-Color Sensitometer is a battery operated, dual color, single sided exposure sensitometer, designed for quality control of cine and X-Ray processing systems. It produces repeatable 21 step exposures on applicable film with approximately 10,000 exposures per battery. Its ease of operation enables anyone with little instruction to expose repeatable sensitomerty strips, with either blue or green exposing lightâ€â€Âsimulating the light from blue and green intensifying screens. Advanced low-power circuitry allows a long battery life without sacrificing performance. Exposure stability: ±.02 log exposure per year Unit-to-unit repeatability: ±.02 log exposure Light modulation: 21-step wedge, 0.15D per step Blue color peak wavelength: 455nm ± 10nm Green color peak wavelength: 512nm ± 10nm Power requirement: 9 volt alkaline battery (included) approx. 10,000 exposures/battery Designed and manufactured to comply with Title 17, Section 30255-30308 QA Regulations


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