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Refurbished GE AMX4+ with Vieworks DR System

Refurbished AMX 4+ provides the image quality of a stationary system in a versatile mobile unit. Its wide range of movement facilitates a variety of exam applications. Additionally, it offers extraordinary reliability and durability for non-stop performance in even the most taxing environments. Wide range of movement facilitates even difficult lateral-hip and spine studies. Digital microprocessor control delivers consistent images, regardless of battery charge. Generator output accuracy and reproducibility provide high quality results. Closed-loop feedback regulates kVp, minimizing voltage fluctuations. Rechargeable lead/acid battery produces up to 50 exposures on a single charge. Diagnostic software automatically initiates self-check at start-up to streamline troubleshooting. Features: • Structural Reinforcements • Current Upgrades and FMI’s • Upgraded Charger Board • AMX-4 Plus HV Cables • AMX-4 Plus Main Cables • Base Anti-Static Grounding Cable • Noise Suppressors • Brakes Replaced • Refurbished Column +/- 270 Degree Rotation • Refurbished Collimator • Refurbished Drive Handle Assembly • Refurbished Hand Switch • Refurbished Front Caster • Refurbished Base Assembly • Refurbished Latch Lock Assembly • Refurbished Horizontal Arm • Refurbished Drive Motor • Refurbished Drive Wheel • New Rotor Cable • New Collimator Cable • New Coil Cord • New Apron Hanger • New Batteries **New Tube (Optional)


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