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DRX Plus


The DRX Plus is a wireless, shareable and cassette-sized detector. The imaging solutions in the DRX Family are all designed around the remarkable X-Factor platform. The DRX Plus simply slides into your existing x-ray equipment and can be used with DRX imaging systems throughout your facility.

  • Reduced weight and thinner design allows even easier handling
  • Higher DQE allows for lower dose and improved image quality
  • Advanced enclosure design provides total protection against ingress of water to IEC Level 7 (IP57).
  • Tri- and bi-color LEDs offer improved feedback of detector status.
  • Fast frame rate provides compatibility with advanced applications in the future.
  • On-detector calibration file storage means quicker setup of the detector on multiple systems.
  • Faster calibration time, boot time, preview time and full resolution display time all speed workflow.
  • Beam detect mode (for room retrofit applications) eliminates the need for cable connection to the generator. Image capture automatically starts when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.
  • Extended battery life enables more imaging between battery changes.
  • Battery hot-swap allows a quick battery change without a reboot.
  • Deployable throughout your facility – these DRX Plus Detectors go wherever they’re needed most.
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