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Del Medical
Delworks LLI


Wireless Long Length Detector

Improve workflow and decrease patient dose with DELWORKS LLI. The extensive image area of 17 x 42 in (43 x 107 cm) enables full spine and long leg imaging with just one exposure. DELWORKS LLI eliminates potential stitching misalignments for improved confidence in the diagnosis. Portability allows upright or supine image acquisition. Developed with highly sensitive AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) technology, DELWORKS LLI can be easily connected and synchronized with any x-ray generator.

Mobile Positioning Holder

Multi-positional holder for upright, supine under-table or cross-table procedures

Excellent option for imaging in the operating room

Telescoping arm

Adjustable head (full rotation of angulation)

Piston driven vertical travel of 64 in (162.6 cm)

Locking casters

Counterbalanced for easy positioning

Mobile Vertical Holder

Compact Design

Holds DELWORKS LLI and removable grid

Manual height adjustment of 27 in (68.6 cm)

Mobile Vertical Holder can be lowered to capture images just 1.75 in (4.45 cm) from the floor

Easily moved when not in use

Rotation of LLI detector from portrait to landscape

Grid (Optional)

Used in conjunction with either holder (Positioning holder / Vertical holder)

Excellent option for imaging in the operating room

17 x 42 in (43 x 107 cm)

8:1 ratio

103 LPI

44 in (111.8 cm) to infinity focal range

Supine Detector Cover

Placed over the detector for supine studies

500 lb (227 kg) weight capacity

Tabletop Pads

Used with weight distribution cap to provide a comfortable and level surface

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