How to Choose the Best Digital X-Ray Machine

June 8, 2021

Digital x-ray machine

If you are planning to convert to digital radiography, or if it is simply time to purchase new equipment, you might be wondering how to choose the best digital x-ray machine for your needs.

With the rapid onset of new and improved radiographic technology, the equipment available today might be totally unlike any you have seen before, even if you are well-versed in x-ray equipment.

Spectrum Medical Imaging is the leading provider of imaging equipment, contrast media and injectors, medical supplies, PPE equipment, accessories and more. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with any questions or information you might need, to help you choose the best digital x-ray equipment for your needs.

Benefits of Digital X-Ray Machines

Today, a wide variety of medical and lab equipment has transitioned to a digital format, in response to the many benefits this technology offers.

You will experience increased operating speeds, reducing delay and accelerating the turnaround time for results. Images have better contrast and can be manipulated to improve readability. Both patients and staff will have less exposure to radiation – possibly up to 80% less. Results can be immediately transmitted electronically to treatment providers, and can be viewed directly on computer screens.

The bottom line is that, compared to traditional x-ray equipment, digital systems are safer, more efficient and more cost effective. This equipment is also more ecologically friendly.

Determining Your Needs for Digital Radiography Equipment

Some of the factors to consider when choosing any type of new x-ray equipment are how you will use the equipment in your practice and how much you will use it.

Consider where you need to perform imaging. Will you be using the equipment in a single location, or will you need the equipment to be portable? Who will you be using the equipment for, and how mobile are they likely to be?

You also must consider what you will be imaging. Will you be doing general diagnostic x-rays or will you also need specialized equipment for images such as mammography, c-arms for use during surgical procedures, or specialized devices for dental applications?

Choosing a Digital X-Ray Machine Supplier

These are just some of the factors you must consider when choosing imaging equipment. Working with an experienced x-ray equipment provider can help ensure you ask the right questions to get the best equipment for your needs.

Choosing the right digital x-ray machine company can make a significant difference in your value and satisfaction. More almost 40 years, we have assisted medical, dental and veterinary practices, imaging centers, hospitals and surgery centers, clinics and lab facilities across the country.

As the premier x-ray and imaging equipment supplier in the United States, Spectrum Medical Imaging carries an extensive line of digital radiography equipment. We also provide expert equipment repair and maintenance service, including calibration. We can remove your existing system and relocate or dispose of it, then install your new equipment for you. We can even provide an expert evaluation and appraisal, should you wish to know its value for a potential sale.

If you plan to transition to digital technology, talk to us about our safe and affordable x-ray film digitizing services.

Contact us today to learn more, or to request a quote for a digital x-ray machine.